A Letter From Local 114 Administrators

Dear Member of AFSCME Local 114,

On October 16, 2019, AFSCME President Lee Saunders placed Local 114 under the administratorship of the International Union, removing the officers of the local. This extraordinary action was taken in accordance with AFSCME International Constitution Article IX, Section 37 in order to protect the local from an effort to decertify and dissolve your local. We are here to investigate and fix the circumstances that have led to the current situation.

At President Saunders’ request we will administer the local to guarantee continuity of representation and to meet the union's financial and other obligations. Western Region Director, Walter Blair will serve as Administrator and Area Field Services Director, Jeremy Kruse will serve as Deputy Administrator.

Bellingham Local 114 has been a part of AFSCME for almost as long as AFSCME has been a union. Your local was chartered in 1937, just one year after AFSCME was chartered by the AFL. In these past 82 years your local has fought for the respect and dignity public service workers deserve. Your local stood up as members of AFSCME for some of the most consequential moments in our history. From Dr. King and the Memphis, TN sanitation strike to the first ever equal pay strike in San Jose, CA. Together we have grown into one of the most powerful public sector unions in the country, representing over 61,000 public sector workers in Washington State and 1.4 million workers nationally. That kind of strength makes us far better equipped to fight the attacks to our wages, benefits, and working conditions.

If there’s one thing that experience has proven over and over through AFSCME’s history, it’s that progress comes when we are united and focused on our core issues: a voice in our work and fair pay and benefits form our employers. Unfortunately, there’s a division in the local as some have chosen to follow an outside operative pitching the idea that you can be more effective achieving these goals on your own without the support and resources of the rest of labor.

Our commitment to all Local 114 members is fair and transparent operation of your union. Our vision is a local with an active, engaged membership with a focus on making improvements in the workplace and advocating for our community. It’s going to take your participation to get there. 

Together, we will stand united for our jobs, our community and all working families. We are confident that we will reach these goals together and look forward to working with you. We are stronger together. Please come to a general meeting on November 12 at the Bellingham Public Library at 5pm. To stay informed, please sign up for email updates at www.AFSCME114.org.

In Solidarity, 
Walter Blair
Administrator, AFSCME Local 114

Jeremy Kruse 
Deputy Administrator, AFSCME Local 114